woensdag 27 april 2011

Some Kind of Jazz

So I felt like listening some Jazz today. I listened to some BB King and Miles Davis. Now that's the old-skool Jazz. BB on his Gibson ES and the standard blues-progressions, Miles on his trumpet. I "incidentally" clicked on Goldfish. I almost forgot how great they are.

Goldfish. Probably unknown for a lot of you. They're from South-Africa and they make wonderful music. Jazzy Electro is what I'd call it. Cruising Through is my favourite. The sax-riff is amazing and the song has a hip-hop element thanks to the rapper.

Great song. Cruising Through by Goldfish

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Not my usual style of music but thanks for the share, first time i've ever heard of them and I love it.

  2. Nice tune. Will keep my spying eye on you in case you post some other great music

  3. Dude, LOVE the style - Continue to post wicked tracks like this!

    Gonna go lay out for a while